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Laura Kramarsky

Wow, John, thanks!! It sounds like you've done all the research and are going to reap many rewards!


Hi John! Your comment about creating an "ambience" reminds me of a crystal shop that was my haven when I worked in Tallahassee. Whenever I was having a bad day, I'd spend my lunch hour there. It never failed to restore my spirit. They played peaceful, relaxing music and burned incense continuously. Everything in the store was permeated with that smell – I used to keep their shopping bags with my lingerie. Every time I opened the drawer, I was transported back to that peaceful, relaxed state. They also had their lights covered, they used a parachute to create a lofty cloud effect. They had dozens of hand painted butterfly kites hanging from the ceiling. I went there to soak up the atmosphere, but I never failed to buy something. They made a ton of money off of me, and a lot of other people, just because of the ambience so I definitely think you’re on the right track.

If you decide you want to add crystals & stones to your line, let me know – I’ve met a wholesaler that can help you out.

Good luck and continued success!



From my past experience of having a shop in Occoquan VA during the big Occoquan days craft show ..people come to spend money with the visiting artists not the shopowners they can visit anytime they want ....so they don't spend money with them then ...hope this is NOT TRUE for you

HAGD and enjoy the shop experience


John, I really appreciate all of the information that you provided! You missed one thing though, your picture. Most of us know you from forums, yet none of us have seen you. Com-mon!!

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