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did you know that Beads and Baubles is the name of a jewelry show on PBS? it comes on here in Det. MI on Sundays at 6am

Laura Kramarsky

Nope! Is that the show that Fire Mountain Gems sponsors? It doesn't surprise me, though, considering Frank Sinatra's song "Baubles, Bangles and Beads."


Well hello there! Stumbled in off a link in your sig....will try to pop back in and out. Good idea for a blog! I just began one to chronicle my progress, I guess for my own benefit, but others may feel free to check in I suppose!


Laura Kramarsky

Hi Janice!

Welcome...I know what you mean about chronicling progress. I suspect that this will serve that purpose in many ways, too. I occasionally end up posting jewelry stuff on my regular blog, but I decided to start one that was JUST for jewelry stuff. I guess it's the teacher in me--there's so much stuff I've learned from others that I want to pass along. I'll have to check out the forum I see you have on your site. Hmmm....


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